TeleMental Health Therapy in Iowa (Video Therapy)

Although I am located in Colorado, I am also licensed as a psychologist in the state of Iowa and see some clients in Iowa using teletherapy or video therapy. Having grown up in the rural Midwest, I always have been committed to providing therapy to clients who may not have access to many therapy options. For clients in Iowa, I use a service call Secure Video, which requires a small free download to join video calls. The app is same app used for Zoom; however, the secure video connection provides a higher level of security than Zoom to protect the privacy of video calls. To set up an appointment, contact me at (719) 510 8846.

What is Teletherapy?

My approach to TeleMental Health is primarily the same as when seeing individuals in person with the exception of using video calls for sessions; however, it is not the same experience as being in the therapy room together. Teletherapy appointments are typically scheduled once a week at the same time for 50-minutes. I do not believe teletherapy is a good option for people who are in crisis. In these situations, I recommend seeking a therapist who lives close to where they live.

Important Considerations for Teletherapy

If seeking teletherapy, it is important to have a reliable internet connection. While Thera-Link does have a iPhone and iPad app, the app does not work well unless connected to the internet.

Not all insurance companies will pay for teletherapy. While some insurance providers, such as Medicare, do cover teletherapy, they may not do this in all situations. If you are intending to use insurance, it is best to check with your insurance company first to make sure they will cover it. Most people seeking teletherapy private pay for their sessions.